Saturday, February 5, 2011

Links I Love 2/5/11

I'm definitely a type-B personality. And I will be homeschooling my children. I get discouraged somethings, thinking of all the things other people do that I will probably never do because I'm so laid-back and..... well, type-B! But this post encouraged me so much! Type-B Homies (Homeschooling Encouragement from a Friend who Gets You)

On Homeschooling: No Thank You, We Don't Believe In Socialization!

Scientists now saying carbs, not fat, are to blame for America's ills.

When Your Husband Isn't Godly


  1. The blog on homeschooling was amazing. I never thought about socialization that way before. It's always nice to hear a different perspective.

  2. Wow... that last link on submitting to a husband who isn't Godly was fantastic and powerful. I'm going to save that one for later!

  3. I am also a Type B. I homeschooled my son. He started at Christian school last year (11th grade) and will graduate this year. Yesterday we received notification that he won a $2,500 scholarship for $2,500 a semester, renewable for 7 more semesters, if he keeps his grades up. I thank the Lord for this great blessing. So don't be discouraged. Chris


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