Friday, April 1, 2011

Slacker Update

I'm a big time slacker.

Now that we've established that, here's what been up.

*Warning: There are some somewhat gross details in here, so if you're squeamish, or a man, I recommend closing this post and coming back next week.

On Wednesday morning at 8:30, I was getting ready to clean the bath tub when I started bleeding. We have had a miscarriage before (right before Lady), so I immediately got very scared. Seeing blood is scary in pregnancy anyway, but when you have a history of miscarriage, the sight of blood brings back a flood of terrible emotions and reminds you of everything you felt and experienced before. I knew there was a possibility I had a low-lying placenta (even though having it twice is very rare, and I had it with Lady), so I was holding on to that, sobbing hysterically, and praying like crazy for the baby I'm carrying.

Of course, my husband was at work, and his lunch wasn't until 10. He can't check his phone while he's working, so I was considering calling him at work, but I knew he would worry himself sick and didn't want to call him right away (and not having his extension or anything made it a little more stressful and I was stressed out enough as it was), so I called my midwife. She asked if I had someone to take me to the hospital, and I didn't. Nic was at work and couldn't check his phone, and I have no family in the area and only a couple friends, so I wasn't sure how this would all unfold. My midwife (LOVE her!!) said she would come over and take me to the hospital, I just needed to find someone to watch the girls. I called my friend Morgan, and it turned out that that day the circumstances were just right and she was able to come and watch them.

My midwife got to my house first, with Morgan arriving shortly after. They came in and my midwife asked questions, took my vitals, and then asked if I wanted her to bring in her doppler in and try to hear the baby's heartbeat. I wasn't sure at first, because I knew I would worry myself sick if we weren't able to hear the baby's heartbeat. I was far enough along that if the baby was okay, we would hear the heartbeat (we had heard it a week before.... I'm 12 weeks now). After a very short mental debate, I decided that if we didn't at least try, I would STILL worry myself sick, so I said maybe it would be a good idea to try and listen. Marie (my midwife) was able to find the heartbeat almost immediately. The heartbeat was 170-180 bpm so a little on the fast side, but hey, there was a heartbeat! I breathed the biggest sigh of relief in my life. Morgan called Nic's work shortly after that to let him know what was going on (it was about 9:30 by this time). I talked to him and let him know I was okay, we got the baby's heartbeat so the baby was okay, but I was bleeding and we were thinking about going to the emergency room. He said he was going to try to get off at lunch.

We talked about not going to the ER and just scheduling an ultrasound in the next few days instead, since the bleeding was slowing and we got the baby's heartbeat. Marie asked me to check my pad and we'll go from there. As I was almost done in the bathroom, a decent amount of blood came out, so we decided to go ahead and go in.

We got to the ER around 9:45 or 9:50, and waited for a very short time (apparently early in the morning is the best time to go to the emergency room). They brought me into triage to get me all admitted and whatnot, and I was so thankful to have my midwife with me. She had my file and all my paperwork with her, including my labs from the week before, so they didn't even have to draw blood or start an IV (which they almost ALWAYS do when you go to the emergency room). That was great news for someone as afraid of needles as I am! I absolutely loved having my midwife there, and I love that she cared enough to stay with us, even after Nic got there. I have to say, I don't think I will ever go back to an OBGYN again! Midwifery care is so much more personal, and less assembly line-like.

So they got me in the room, and the ER doctor was not just a woman (which I'm much more comfortable with), but a nice one! She was so sweet and personable (although maybe it was just because it was early in the morning!). I got into my lovely hospital gown so she could do a pelvic exam to see if I was dilated. As she was getting started, I had a huge gush of blood..... it was running all over the floor, and I passed a HUGE clot, and the poor doctor was not prepared for any of it. She was trying to find those pad things and towels and whatnot when Nic came in (he called when he got off work and didn't know we decided to go to the hospital until he called and I said we were AT the hospital, and he started panicking... so he was already not doing very well when he got there, and seeing the blood stressed him out more). She got a specimen cup to put the clot in, and Nic and I both almost started hyperventilating. That was a decent sized clot, and that's NEVER a good sign, ESPECIALLY in pregnancy. Upon further inspection, she said it wasn't anything to worry about. She said I was a little dilated, but not enough to be concerned.

I covered myself back up and she left just in time for the ultrasound tech to walk in with the machine. That helped me, and especially Nic, chill out a lot. Seeing the baby (it actually looked like a baby, too!) jumping around in there made us feel SO much better.

When the doctor came back with the ultrasound results and the results from my urine and all that, she said I had no infections or anything, and that my placenta is about a centimeter away from my cervix, which is causing the bleeding. Kind of odd that I have it again, but I'm glad it's something that minor and not something to worry about!

So now I'm taking it easy for a bit, my placenta will move up on its own as my uterus gets bigger, and this pregnancy should have a happy ending.

And hopefully I will stop slacking and neglecting my blog. :)


  1. Wow I am sorry--what an emotional ride that must have been! I have had 2 miscarriages so totally know how it feels. Glad baby is ok! I will email you my phone number just in case you ever need anything...I know I'm not super close but I could still drive down there. :) Blessings to you!

  2. Wow that was a scare, Praise God you 2 are ok :-)

  3. Had a great mini vacay with the girls! Thanks be to God that everyone is A-Okay :)

  4. How scary! So glad that you and the baby are okay. My prayers are with you both.

  5. Praise God your baby is safe and sound! :)

  6. Audrey, when I saw your post on FB my heart jumped... then when I saw your comment on Elizabeth A's wall, I wanted to cry... and reading this post today I pretty much did cry. I can't imagine going through such a scary time. But I am praising God with you that everything and everyone is fine. I will continue to pray for your peace of mind - I'm sure you're still very anxious. Love you!

  7. I'm so glad you and baby are okay. I'll be praying for you.

  8. What a scary/stressful morning! I am so glad things were okay. I was really worried when I saw your fb posts! Love you!!!

  9. I'm sorry you had to go through such a scary experience. I hope everything continues smoothly from here on.


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